Country Life


I look at the ever changing colours of the countryside watching the hedgerow berries, mosses, tangled undergrowth, wild flowers and endless green blends of trees and grass to inspire my work.

Autumnal colours reflect the seasonal dying back of nature for its annual sleep and the regeneration of spring.

Flowing water

Among weedy river banks, fresh flowing water with the restless movement of clinging green algae, I find ideas for my three dimensional elements in glass with some pieces attractively combined to display aquatic plants.

More Country Life work


When I made this piece I was thinking of the derelict Cornish tin mines with echoes of the past busy commercial life.

They are such well built structures with the stonework surviving the many challenging seasonal conditions.

Item: 0303

Overall height: 26 cm                            Width of glass: 11 cm

Width of pebble: 21 cm

Price:  £90

Beneath the Surface

I wanted to capture the feeling of a flowing stream, the various greens and browns and the gentle flow of clean, rippling water. The clearer glass depicts the reflections of sunlight and also shows the movement of drifting weeds and plants in a soft current.

Item: 0210

Dimensions:  Outer Frame:   60 cm  x  22 cm

Price: £145

Industrial Past

Reminiscent of slate quarrying in this region. The Delabole slate quarry in Cornwall has been in operation for more than 1000 years.

Item: 0239

Overall height:  28cm                  Slate width:  20cm 

Price:  £90

In Motion

Like hot toffee this piece literally flows outside and below the frame invoking the feeling of heat and movement.

Item: 0216

Price: SOLD.

Moving Along

A further piece with summer colours depicting a flow similar to the way that hot glass flows at high fusing temperatures.

Item:  0224

Frame sizes:                        Glass hangs below the outer frame:



‘Thrif’ is an old Cornish word meaning Hawthorn hedge. I wanted to capture the colours of the hedgerows and the brambles in an old Cornish wall showing the vibrant colours of red berries and yellow flowers. 

This piece stands away from the board allowing light behind the glass with some attractive reflections.

Item: 0215

Board size 35 cm  x  25 cm.                     Glass size:  25 cm  x  18 cm

Price:   £140


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