Warm Horizon

Skies and sunsets

I make a quantity of these Warm Horizon series which are my favourite pieces to put together. I enjoy experimenting with different methods and the outcome can be quite unpredictable but there is always some positive anticipation when I open the kiln lid.  Thoughts and inspiration for these pieces come from hot embers, sunsets and skies with yellows, oranges and blues. 

Positive outcomes

I have learned that failures or mistakes can lead to pleasing results. Several years ago I was disappointed to open the kiln lid after a firing only to find that a circular piece had broken in two. This can be a result of multiple high temperature firings which cause the glass to become brittle and make pieces susceptible to shattering or breaking. I later wondered about fusing them together at a lower temperature with the small broken clear glass pieces between the two halves which is how this unusual and unique look came about.

More Warm Horizon work


These are my signature pieces and they represent the constantly changing colours with dramatic oranges, reds and blues of the sunset and sunrise.

Item: 0212            Frame:  35cm x 35cm

Price:     SOLD


I wanted to capture an image of the sunrise over the water, a beautiful combination of textures and colour seen on the horizon of the North Cornwall coast. 

Item:  0308        Diameter: 28cm  Overall height: 31cm             

Price: £145

Rise and Fall 

Again a piece representing the warm orange colours as the sun sets over the sea.

Item:  0262    Diameter:   28cm      Overall height: 31cm

Price: £145  SOLD

Tomorrows World

Another circular piece, this time mounted on a board, which depicts the dramatic energy and colours of the sea and sky with its warm reds and oranges.

Item:  0213                               Board: x 25 cm x 25 cm

Diameter of glass: 17 cm

Price: £110


Future Effect

Seeing more of the sunlight and horizon over the ocean with vivid oranges and reds all mounted on an attractive driftwood base.

Part: 0317     Diameter: 28cm      Overall height: 30cm

Price:  £145


On The Beach


Golden sands, a beautiful and calm sea all with a perfect sky.  



Part: 0261                 

Diameter:   18 cm                Overall Height: 23 cm.




A new and different sunset, a smaller version, mounted into a frame with the white backgroud highlighting the colours.

Similar pieces can be made with a black or white mount.

Item:  0306                        Frame: 34cm x 34cm                Glass diameter: 15cm

Price: £80

Drift Away

Blending in with the environment of the sandy beach and rocks.  This always reminds me of a sail moving in the wind.

Item: 0253           Overall height: 25cm  Width of glass: 15cm

Price:  £110


Evening Mood


This piece is paler and the bubbles transmit more of an Autumnal feeling with a cool breeze and grey skies.


Item: 0263                Size:  Diameter: 27cm.               Overall height: 28cm

Price: £145

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Postage and Packaging is included for orders where delivery is to the UK. Similiar pieces are available on request. Individual items may vary from the photos provided here. Use of natural materials will vary, for example on pieces which are mounted on a base.