Warm Horizon

Skies and sunsets

I make a quantity of these Warm Horizon series which are my favourite pieces to put together. I enjoy experimenting with different methods and the outcome can be quite unpredictable but there is always some positive anticipation when I open the kiln lid.  Thoughts and inspiration for these pieces come from hot embers, sunsets and skies with yellows, oranges and blues. These blues are sometimes made with combinations of copper leaf and copper oxides.

Positive outcomes

I have learned that failures or mistakes can lead to pleasing results. Several years ago I was disappointed to open the kiln lid after a firing only to find that a circular piece had broken in two. This can be a result of multiple high temperature firings which cause the glass to become brittle and make pieces susceptible to shattering or breaking. I later wondered about fusing them together at a lower temperature with the small broken clear glass pieces between the two halves which is how this unusual and unique look came about.

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