Organic Form

Practical or free hand

I make various sculptural pieces including bowls using circular, rectangular or square moulds as well as freehand moulds. Most of the bowls are practical and might be used to show off fruit, floating candles or alternatively used as tableware.


Bowls can be made using a coral or lattice technique which allows the various apertures to give a further dimension especially when complimented by sunlight.

More Organic Form work

A Drop in the Ocean

I wanted to catch the reflections of the small glass droplets to convey a sense of freshness and light. The maroon droplet is the ‘Drop in the Ocean’.

Creating this piece is a lengthy process because it involves three firings in the kiln.

Item: 0214

Diameter:  25 cm              Depth: 6 cm

Price: £80     SOLD

Life Story

When fungal spores absorb water a division takes place and the circular growth is called a ‘colony’. Creating these bowls reminds me of nature.

I have made several of these lattice bowls which is quite time consuming but I really enjoy the construction.

Item:  0305

Diameter: 28cm   Depth:  7cm

Price:   £120


Nature finds a way of combining colours which is always a good guide to what ‘looks’ right. I love the contrast of these two colours and feel they show a burst of energy.

Item: 0228

Diameter:  27 cm                       Depth:   7 cm

Price: £80     SOLD

Freedom Pathway

Clean lines with a myriad of moving bubbles. Coloured glass used for kiln fusing usually has a metal content such as lead, copper or sulphur and different combinations may cause a reaction demonstrated by the white strip seen to the side of this bowl.

Item: 0229

Diameter: 29cm   Depth:  7cm

Price:  £80

Vibrant Life

Whilst considering life and colour I came across some photos, displayed at the Eden Project, of pollen and seeds which were taken with an electron microscope and magnified x 1500. These memories inspired some of the work for my lattice bowls.

Made with a white base glass and glass powders.

Item: 0267

Diameter: 28cm             Depth:  7cm

Price: £120   SOLD


Volcanic lava flow rising to the surface.  The texture of orange and yellow is formed using broken pieces of clear glass and powders.

The holes are intentional making this unsuitable for liquids

Item: 0226

Diameter: 30cm.                        Depth: 6cm

Price:  £80

Under the Microscope

The main attraction of this piece is the different bubbles giving various reflections and a feeling of rain on a window. This attracts and enhances the light with the combinations of blues and turquoises.

Item:  0320

Diameter: 22 cm.                        Depth: 5.5 cm.

Price:  £85

Fresh Growth

In making this bowl I wanted to illustrate a network of tree roots seeking nourishment to encourage growth and anchor a tree to the ground.

Item:  0307

Diameter:  28cm     Depth:  7cm

Price:  £120

Ocean Life

 The swaying  movements of seaweed in a blue ocean.  An organic shaped oval bowl which evolved after several experiments.

Item: 0311

The top is approximately 28cm long  x  22cm wide.

Depth: Approximately: 6cm

Price:  £85

Colour In Motion


The colours of a garden in summer.

The air trapped between two pieces of glass forms these fascinating bubbles.

 Item:  0219

Diameter: 27cm.                     Depth: 7cm.

Price: £75

Contact me about Organic Form

Postage and Packaging varies per piece, please contact me for more information. Similiar pieces are available on request. Individual items may vary from the photos provided here. Use of natural materials will vary, for example on pieces which are mounted on a base.