Tranquil Sea

North Coast of Cornwall

The seas around the north coast of Cornwall are often anything but tranquil and rarely boring.  By carefully choosing my colours I aim to create a similar three dimensional effect in my work and want to express the changing movement and moods.

Stormy and windy

I study the freedom and reflective surfaces of the sea and sky particularly during storms and strong winds. 

More Tranquil Sea work

Rise and Fall

This depicts the peaks and troughs of blue waves seen in different lights and from different angles emphasising the three dimensional textures and continual movement.

 Item: 0211           

External frame size: 65 cm  x  23 cm

Price:  £130

Angel Wings

I’m always on the lookout for driftwood, pebbles, slate or various pieces to enhance my work, the shapes often suggest how the glass might look .

Item: 0304

Overall height with base: 25cm          Glass width: 29cm

Price:  £95       SOLD


Surf Time

This piece captures the energy of the sea the waves and the tides.

Item:  0257

Overall height: 16cm           Glass length: 27 cm                Length of base:  32cm

Price: £100

Gliding Home

Graceful and serene. A seagull always reminds us of the seaside. Mounted on a very unusual and interesting wooden base

Item:  0319

Height (beak to ground):  24cm           Wingspan: 45cm                             

Price: £140

Beach Flow

The glass is curved to replicate the shape of the driftwood base  which adds a further tactile nature to the piece.

Item:  0315

Glass length: 21 cm                 Overall height: 17 cm          Driftwood: 25cm

Price:  £76

Tide Times

The North coast of Cornwall is a fabulous place to gain inspiration and I can become mesmerised by watching the sea and waves during the everchanging weather patterns.

Item:  0260

Glass length: 26 cm       Overall height:  16 cm

Price:  £76

Broken Waves

Another piece showing the blues of the sea seen in different lights from different angles with the three dimensional textures of the  moving tides

Item: 0259

Frame outside sizes:       60 cm  x 22 cm

Price: £145

Contact me about Tranquil Sea

Postage and Packaging varies per piece, please contact me for more information. Similiar pieces are available on request. Individual items may vary from the photos provided here. Use of natural materials will vary, for example on pieces which are mounted on a base.